Grow A Massive Downline

18 Sep

As an affiliate marketer the one goal we each share is getting new referrals into our downline to build a huge online business and downline builders are one tool we each can use to accomplish this goal.  The one drawback is the fact most downline builders often come pre-loaded with programs you would rather not join and promote for whatever reason.

First off, when you join our site, you give your permission for us to contact you via email. If your email bounces or is not a real email address, your account will be deleted. You were not forced to join the site, please don’t force us to deal with bounced emails.

Secondly, no you will not receive much email from us, however you will receive notifications from the system when you ask for your password to be retrieved, when you get a new sign up, when the referral upgrades their account, and other administration messages.

Occasionally, the admin may send out a recommendation to you to help you build your business faster and more profitable. This is not spam and should be regarded as a friend helping you with your business. Read and act upon it and see if it helps your business.


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